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Rodent Control in Garden City, UT

Do you have a rodent issue that you’d like control services for in Garden City?

Mice and rats are possibly the most destructive pests that might infest your home in Garden City. Within a home environment, rodents will happily gnaw their way through insulation, fabric and more as they make themselves at home. Worst of all, they’ll bite through electrical wires, which may lead to a fire. Another danger of rodents is their propensity to spread hantavirus, salmonella and other diseases.

Rats and mice are rapid breeders, which makes it extremely difficult for the average homeowner to stop an infestation. If you want to get rid of the rodents in your Garden City home, you’ll need the help of a licensed rodent control company.

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Top-Tier Rat & Mice Removal

If rodents have taken over your home in Garden City, Cache Pest Control will inspect your property to determine whether mice or rats are giving you trouble, and to locate their entry points. Using this info, our technicians will exterminate all of the rodents in a timely fashion.

After the rodents are gone, our experts will perform rodent prevention services to block other rats and mice from entering your home in Garden City. We’ll also dispose of droppings and nests which rodents scattered in your home.


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If mice or rats are terrorizing your home, don’t just give up. Contact Cache Pest Control today for premium rodent control services in the Garden City area!