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If you hear scratching or squeaking noises from your walls or attic, it’s a likely sign that rodents have invaded your home in Preston. Mice and rats are destructive pests that will chew up cardboard, paper, insulation and more to build nests. They’ll even gnaw on live wires, which can start a fire. Rats and mice are also filthy, and their presence can lead to a hantavirus outbreak or an infestation of fleas.

Solving rodent problems with DIY methods is rarely effective, especially because they multiply so quickly. A professional rodent control company is your best bet to rid your Preston home of mice and rats.

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If you’re tired of dealing with rodents in your home in Preston, Cache Pest Control will conduct an inspection to find out if you’ve got rats or mice and where their entry points are located. Our specialists will make use of the finest products and strategies to exterminate all of the rodents in your house.

Rodent removal is an excellent first step but it is best to follow-up with rodent exclusion, which involves defending your house in Preston with rodent-proof barriers. It’s also always wise to let our team disinfect areas where rodents lived in your home to kill off diseases and parasites.


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Don’t try to stop a rodent infestation on your own. Get in touch with Cache Pest Control today for the most effective rodent control services in the Preston area!