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Rats and mice are some of the most widespread pests on the planet, and it’s common for them to invade homes in Providence. Rodents are constantly filing down their teeth by gnawing on insulation, paper, cloth and whatever else they can. Their most dangerous teething habit is biting into electrical wires, which has been known to start house fires. Mice and rats are also carriers of diseases, including salmonella, and parasites, such as fleas.

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Because rodents breed rapidly once they’re established, an infestation can quickly multiply out of control. The only way to thoroughly rid your property of rodent activity is to hire Providence’s top rodent control professionals.


Unrivaled Rodent Removal

If you’ve discovered a rodent presence on your property in Providence, Cache Pest Control will inspect your home to determine whether you’re dealing with rats or mice and how they’ve gotten inside. Our experts will then work as diligently as possible to eliminate every single rodent from your house.

Following effective rodent removal, our technicians will follow up by implementing exclusion barriers to prevent future rodent infestations. We can also sanitize your Providence house to eliminate rodent waste and pathogens.


The Best Rat & Mice Control in Cache County

Never let rodents move in and try to take over your home. Connect with Cache Pest Control today for the premier rodent control services in the Providence area!