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Rodent Control in River Heights, UT

Do you have a rodent infestation in River Heights that warrants professional control services?

Many pests can infest your home in River Heights, and none of them are worse than rodents. Rats and mice will relentlessly chew through insulation, cardboard, fabric and more in order to make their nests. Worse still, they’ll gnaw into electrical wiring, which creates a dangerous fire hazard. Mice and rats are also spreaders of diseases like hantavirus and parasites like ticks.

Rodents reproduce at an incredible rate, allowing them to quickly overwhelm your home in River Heights. The only way to get rid of the rodents in your house is to call a local rodent control company.

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Effective Control & Prevention for Rats & Mice

If rodents have been causing trouble in your home in River Heights, Cache Pest Control will inspect your property to identify your rodent species and all of their entry points to your house. Our technicians will then work strategically to remove all of the rats or mice from your property.

After the rodent presence is gone, our team will keep them out for good by fortifying your River Heights home with rodent exclusion materials. If your intruders have left a mess of nests and waste, we’ll clean it up to prevent parasites and diseases from spreading.


Cache County’s #1 Rodent Removal Company

Mice and rats are dirty pests that should never be allowed to persist in a home environment. Contact Cache Pest Control today for the ultimate rodent control services in the River Heights area!